“New Astonishingly Simple “Hands-Free” Done-For-You Service
Brings Us $147-297/Mo Per Client like CLOCKWORK
Without Having to Sell Anything!”
The best part… it can all be done from the comfort of your own home.
  • Simple, Newbie Friendly Method
  • Automated Income Without Leaving Your Home
  • NO Cold Calling or Face-to-Face Contact
  • No Technical Skills Needed
  • DFY Fulfillment = Passive $147 to $297+/month per Client
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This Proven 3-Step Formula Sends 
A FLOOD Of Paying Customers To Local Restaurants, 
Compelling Them To Pay You $147-$297/Monthly 
Over and Over Again
Why Will They Pay You Month After Month For Years?
Because Restaurants Are One of The Hardest Businesses To Keep Afloat…
20% of small businesses fail in their first year, ​and about 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year
(source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)
60% of restaurants fail in the first year, and 80% go under in five years
(source: Ohio State University)

This means restaurants are a huge 3 TIMES more likely to fail in the first year than any other type of small business, and a crazy 4 out of 5 will close within 5 years (as opposed to 1 out of 2 for other types of businesses).

So WHY are restaurants tougher to keep afloat? The answer is lack of Marketing, which inevitably leads to empty tables.

Restaurant owners need to constantly be in front of their current customers, as well as always marketing to potential customers on an ongoing basis. When consumers are thinking of where to eat, the goal is for the restaurant to be on top of their mind.

If the restaurant is not in front of hungry people every day in their social media newsfeeds, they will be forgotten.

When people see images of food in their news feed, it's "food porn" to them! Our brain and stomach react with an urge to eat what is seen on the screen. 
If a restaurant is not staying in front of their current customers and reaching out to new customers, then their competition will end up getting that customer and they will be forgotten. 

The best part is, most restaurant owners already know this, so you don't have to convince them about the importance of social media.

But these restaurant owners don't have the knowledge, resources, time or the desire to do social media marketing...

And that is where you come in. 

When you correctly use Social Media to engage, entice and get people to come into their restaurant, you are the solution to exactly what they need.

BINGO... you’ve just taken the burden OFF their shoulders!  
All YOU need to do to get them hooked is...
Just Copy-Paste This Proven-To-Reel-Them-In Message  To Desperate Restaurants Owners: 
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Hi there, Alicia here, along with Lorette, Mitali and Ivana
The number one problem restaurant owners face is that it’s difficult to keep their restaurant full.

Why? Because the restaurant industry is so competitive.

Restaurants have to constantly be in front of their current clients and potential clients. That is why having an active social media presence, with engaging content, is critical for their success.

This active presence keeps the restaurant at the top of customers' minds, and nurtures their customers to become their biggest fans, while at the same time attracting new customers. 
Look At This Example After Posting
One Of Our Pizza Images….
Without even asking, the restaurants current customers started providing social proof of how great their pizza is:
Why is this powerful?
  • Existing customers get “reminded” that they love this restaurant's pizza, and will come back for more.
  • New people visiting the page see all the social proof of others that love this restaurant's pizza, and are more inclined to order themselves.
In order to stay in business….
Restaurants Need A Steady Stream Of New Customers 
and Repeat Customers, On A Long Term, Ongoing Basis
In fact, they never stop needing new customers. They could be open for 5 years, 10 years…longer, guess what? They still need new customers coming through their doors EVERY DAY!

Without a steady stream of new customers, restaurants cannot stay in business, which is why so many fail. 

Now, all restaurant owners know that social media is the best way to attract new customers… 

According to a study from Cornell University, there are a massive number of independent restaurants that are NOT using social media…

However, they know they need to be using it so why is it that they aren’t doing it?? 
Which is awesome news for you… 
Just Send Them Done-For-You, Proven to Work 
Social Media Graphics, And Turn them Into Recurring Customers
Here’s The Best Part:
  • No previous experience needed
  • No hard selling
  • No tech skills or confusing software
  • No cold calling
  • No face-to-face meetings
Imagine offering restaurants a done-for-you solution 
where they get engaging social media graphics, 
proven to bring in a flood of new customers through their doors...
In Just 3 Simple Steps:
Step 1
Copy, Paste and Send our proven done-for-you messages that grab the attention of restaurant owners
Step 2
Send them to our professional, done-for-you landing pages that sends them FREE, done-for-you graphical social media content for 7 days 
Step 3
Then… when they come back BEGGING for more, you start sending them monthly done-for-you social media graphics, and charge $147 to $297+/month per client!
Restaurants Will Love Your Service. Why?
Because they get highly engaging content INSTANTLY that brings in a flood of new customers through their doors. You just gave them 7 top performing images for a week to test drive, which will bring in massive new activity on their social media pages... once they see this, they’ll be BEGGING you for more graphics. 
By providing them with engaging social media graphics on a weekly
or monthly basis, they’ll happily pay you monthly retainers
Here’s Just One Example of The E-mails 
I Receive From Extremely 
Happy Restaurant Owners:

20% Increase in Profits

"Just wanted to say Thank you to Lorette and her team for all the work they are doing with our Mexican restaurant. Having them manage our Facebook page has taken the burden and stress off my shoulders and has increased our profits by about 20%. We are opening a new location soon and they will be handling our social media. Thanks again."

Culebro S
Let’s Recap. All You Have To Do To Copy My Success Is:
Step 1
Send out my proven prospecting message to local restaurant owners
Step 2
Sends them to proven, done-for-you landing pages that gives them a 7 day free trial of done-for-you social media graphics 
Step 3
They come back to you wanting more, so you start charging them $147 to $297+ per month
This is one of the easiest and fastest DFY routes to generate recurring income streams from the comfort of my own home.
And it's sooo easy...the highly converting Social Media images are already DONE for you!

All I have to do is send restaurants a small selection of graphical social media posts on a monthly basis, from my huge stack of done-for-you images.

OR get paid even more by posting the content for them.

Imagine… Within 4 weeks from today, you could have this year’s Christmas all paid for, with no scary credit card bill to worry about in January!
Now Is The Perfect Time To Cash 
In By Helping Desperate Restaurant Owners
There are over 1 million restaurants in just the USA…

79% of them are trying to use social media (source: Cornell University)… 

However, 60% of them are failing in the first year (source: Ohio State University)

In other words, restaurant owners desperately need YOU to help them with their social media promotions. Which is why I’ve created this amazing done-for-you system I like to call: 
Restaurant SociGraphics
Restaurant SociGraphics is a complete done-for-you solution 
that generates monthly recurring payments from local restaurant owners 
for handling and automating their social media management, 
WITHOUT having to talk face-to-face with the owner
This is the perfect foot-in-the-door solution to getting 
$147 - $297 Monthly Retainers From:
Pizza Restaurants
Mexican Restaurants
Italian Restaurants
Why These Niches?
Because these are the most abundant restaurant niches, and you will find many of them in your local area and beyond. Which means, the well will NEVER run empty when it comes to finding restaurant clients that will pay $147-297/month for YEARS.
Just Look At The Results Our Members Are Getting...

I love This Foot in the Door Strategy!

"When you give something to the client with no strings attached so they can see what you can offer, it helps to break down objections and just makes the whole process easier. And the done for you graphics makes things so quick and easy. I don't have to stress to figure out what type of images to create and how to create them (since I am not a designer). Thank you! "

Kurt Lucien
Here’s What You’ll Get Inside This System:
DFY, Proven Prospecting Messages (for Email, Messenger etc.)
Do you hate cold calling? Do you hate sounding ‘salesy’?

Well, today is your lucky day!

I’m handing you my proven prospecting messages, designed to pique the curiosity of restaurant owners, to get them to take action. 

Just open up your email provider, copy and paste this into a new message, and hit send. Or you can copy and paste into Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever platform you wish. 
3x DFY, Proven Landing Pages In The 3 Biggest Restaurant Niches
I’ll also hand you 3 proven-to-convert landing pages, each one customized for each of the 3 most popular niches (Pizza, Mexican and Italian). 

Just link to these landing pages inside the proven prospecting message, and watch them auto-convert this traffic into clients for you.

Each one comes in two formats, ClickFunnels and HTML.

I’ve tested and tweaked these landing pages until they’ve become so irresistible to restaurant owners, they can’t help but want to opt-in to get their 7 day free trial of social media graphics. 
3 x DFY 7 Day Set of Graphics + 
DFY Thank You Page
There is literally nothing for you to do or fulfill.

Once a restaurant owner opts in to receive their 7 day free trial of graphics, they will automatically go through to my done-for-you thank you page, where they will get a 7 day set of graphics for their restaurant niche, already incorporated into the page.

I’ll even provide you with the exact same emails I use to send to potential clients after they opt in… 

Basically it’s all done for you - it literally can't get any easier than this! 
Over 120+ DFY Social Media Graphical Posts
What I’m giving you here is a done-for-you, proven social media package…

Each type of restaurant comes with up to 3 month’s worth of done-for-you graphical social media posts.

Which means… If you schedule 3 posts per week for your client, this package will last for 3 MONTHS… 

Here Are Some Of The Content Categories You’ll Get For EACH Of The 3 Restaurant Types:
Humor is one of the most engaging types of content on social media.

These get shared the most…

The more shares you get, the happier your clients, the more they want to pay you! 
This type of content is designed to get more comments and likes.

Clients see all the action on their pages and they are overjoyed with you because of the amazing engagement that is happening right before their eyes… 
Menu Items
This type of content is designed to showcase the typical types of items that are on the menu for specific restaurants niches.

When you post food on social media, people go crazy. There's even a phrase for it....“food porn.”

Post a picture of food and people just love it!

This is what will get people wanting to visit a particular restaurant… your new clients will love you and think you’re a genius ;-) 
9 Step-By-Step Video Training Modules That Walk you Through The Entire Process
There’s no way I’m going to leave you to figure out how to make all of this work on your own…

You’ll get 9 modules, with over-the-shoulder videos, that break down the whole strategy into easy-to-digest chunks.

Follow along, in bite-size pieces, and just copy and paste your way to a lucrative social media agency.

This 9 module training will give you literally everything you need to build a 6 figure agency from scratch, even if you’re a complete wet-behind-the-ears newbies. 
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Not Only That… Act Now And
Get Access To These Profit-Making Bonuses
Fun Food Quotes
These are fun food quotes that will show the followers of your clients that they have a "fun" side. These types of images get lots of shares…and the more shares you can get, the more your clients will love you.
10 Social Media Images
When starting out, it’s daunting because potential clients are likely to "check you out" to see if you know what you are talking about.

So, I solved that problem for you. I’ve put together a package of my best-performing social media images, perfect for you to upload to your Facebook Business Page, on Instagram or anywhere you like, for instant credibility and exposure.

These images all focus on social media quotes that will show your expertise in the subject matter. 
10 Content Curated Articles
I want every single potential client to think you are awesome. Which is why I’m also going to give you 10 content curated articles, each one showing them that you are "on top of it" when it comes to social media.

Each one explains how important social media is for local businesses to succeed. These articles are from reputable online sources, such as Forbes, Tech Crunch, Entrepreneur etc. These will position you as someone who is a valuable source of education, and an expert who has their fingers on the pulse of the social media world. Just post these on your Facebook page and potential clients are sure to be impressed.
Restaurant SociGraphics Mastermind Group
Many people will buy Restaurant SociGraphics, but will never take any real action. Why?

Because they don’t have anyone to ask questions, they don’t have anyone to bounce around ideas, or get a second opinion, and they don’t have anyone motivating them and cheering them on to action.

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there too. That’s why I set up an invite-only mastermind FB group, where you can ask questions when you get stuck, and you will get answers to your questions.

Join our community and never feel alone again. You’ll meet many people who were once newbies, just like you, but who are now making 6 figure incomes from the comfort of their homes.

Share your ideas and concepts, ask for advice, ask us what we would do in a situation… we can show you the tactics, techniques and strategies to help you explode your local marketing business! 
Give Me 45 Minutes And 7 Days,
And I Know that You Will Get Your First Client!
Just spend 45 minutes setting up my done-for-you landing pages and sending out my done-for-you prospecting message to as many restaurants as you can…You will see how easy it is to build a long-term passive monthly income.

However, here’s the brutal truth: I can’t physically stand over you and force you to send my message…

Which is why it would be unethical of me to guarantee you’ll make money with Restaurant SociGraphics (or indeed with any system).

What I can tell you is this. Everything is done-for-you, the prospecting message, the landing pages, the graphical content…

AND it’s all proven to work as I use the exact same content in my own 6 figure social media agency… However, if you don’t implement, you won’t earn a cent (so if you’re a typical shiny object hunter…I bid you farewell now). 
So Let Me Make You A ‘Cannot Lose’ Deal:
Access Restaurant SociGraphics, set up just one of my proven, local client-getting funnels, and send out the prospecting messages…

If you don’t land at least 1 client who will pay you a monthly retainer to handle their social media for them…

Or you’re simply not happy for any reason at all…

Just send me a quick email and you'll get a fast and courteous, full refund. No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever. 
You Either Get Results 
With My Restaurant SociGraphics System,
Or You Get Your Money Back
Take it for a risk free 14 day trial and PROVE to yourself whether you can generate a job-replacing income or not, right from the comfort of your own home…

But if it hasn’t worked for you, simply email me, and I will provide you with a full, no questions asked refund.

As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose. The risk is all on me. Which means, whatever price I charge for this is irrelevant. 
Alicia, I’m In! But How Much Will This Cost?
Inside Restaurant SociGraphics, you have a complete recurring business model that hands you everything you need to build a successful social media agency from home.

Let me ask you a question.
Generate an easy recurring income every single month, by doing enjoyable ‘work’ that simply involves uploading done-for-you graphics to social media sites
Get personal satisfaction as grateful restaurant owners praise you for turning their business around
See your partner’s eyes full of love, admiration and respect as you can now provide them and your family real financial security
Go on vacation, with the freedom, time and money to do whatever you want
Spend time with the people that matter – work to live, rather than live to work
Have the confidence to walk into a room full of people as a successful entrepreneur
Honestly, how much would you pay? If you knew, with 100% certainty, that you would experience all of these amazing benefits, how much?
Hundreds… Thousands… More?
By Now, You Can Appreciate 
The Real Value For Money 
Inside Restaurant SociGraphics:
But Today, You’re Not Going To Pay Anywhere Near That...
You Can Access Restaurant SociGraphics For A Tiny FRACTION...
Price Freeze! Lock In Your Seat At The Current Low Rate
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And remember,
You Have My 14 Day Cast Iron Money-Back Guarantee…
Take Restaurant SociGraphics for a test drive for 14 days and, if you decide it’s not for you…Just send me a quick email, and I’ll refund you in full. Sound fair?

Because I want to reward quick action-takers, I’ve priced this course low, but it’s rising with every single sale…

The longer you wait, the more you need to pay to get in. 
So What Are You Waiting For?
Here’s what I want you to do: Click on the ‘Instant Access’ button below now, check-out, and join me inside Restaurant SociGraphics, where I’m waiting to transform your life (and bank account!)
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To your new future,

Alicia Lyttle, along with Lorette Lyttle, Mitali Deypurkaystha and Ivana Bosnjak
P.S. As you set your goals for your online business, you must include recurring income in those goals. We want you to see money coming in every month from your Social Media clients! That’s what happens with my proven 3-step Restaurant SociGraphics system. By the end of next week, you could have at least one client, and you’re likely to have many more.

Just follow my simple Restaurant SociGraphics system, send out my proven message, and get those Done-for-You Funnels set up! 

P.P.S. Just a reminder, you could skip over this offer, but then you'll stay right where you are now, frustrated with how much you are spending on ‘bright shiny objects’ that don’t work, and overwhelmed with all the information out there, paralyzed into taking no real action. Let me help you get out of the rut you've been in and start achieving the results you deserve right NOW. 
Click On The Button Below To Get Started
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Frequently Asked Questions
Help – I’m completely new to this and don’t have any tech skills!
Honestly, you don’t need any tech skills. All you need is access to the internet.

If you can follow simple video instructions showing you how to copy, paste and upload, then you can replicate my success. 

I have students in their late 60s who didn’t even have computers until the last couple of years, and they’re having real success with this business model. 
Will I really see long-term recurring payments? What’s to stop a restaurant doing social media content themselves?
If a restaurant really wants to do it themselves, they can. But here’s the truth. Restaurant owners are among the hardest working people alive. They have to work ridiculously long hours, many of them unsociable.

They simply don’t have the time to run social media campaigns. They’re just happy they have someone doing all of it for them, so they can concentrate on their business. 

And once they see an uplift in bookings and profits, there’s no way they’re going to bite the hand that feeds them. 
I hate prospecting and cold calling – do you promise me there’s no knocking on people’s doors, or telesales involved?
I 100% promise you, there is no cold calling or face-to-face meetings involved if you don’t want to. Everything can be done online.

Just copy and paste my proven prospecting message and landing pages… 

My prospecting message is designed to target restaurant owners who need this service desperately, and my converting landing pages are designed to be so irresistible, restaurants owners happily leave you their details in order to get their free 7 day social media graphics trial. 

There is no need to get on the phone, or visit a client, unless of course you want to… and perhaps get free meals and drinks from grateful clients ;-) 
What upfront costs are there to getting started?
Literally zero, because everything is done for you - that’s why my business model is so newbie friendly.  

You have 2 options when it comes to setting up my done-for-you landing pages. Each of the 3 landing pages come in 2 formats; ClickFunnels or HTML. 

Choose ClickFunnels, and they will host your landing pages for you (no need for you to buy a domain name and hosting). What’s brilliant here is that ClickFunnels comes with a 14 day free trial, so you can basically test out my system for FREE. 

If you choose HTML, there are some upfront costs, as you’ll need to register a domain and get hosting. I’ve just checked with the hosting company we use, and you can register a domain name and get a year’s worth of hosting for under $50 - just one client will cover that! 

And if you want to outsource the landing page setup on Fiverr for someone else to do for super cheap, I’ll even show you who you should use.
Isn’t selling to local restaurants a little scary?
Look, fear happens when you a) don’t have a plan, and b) don’t have a great service. Restaurants NEED more customers. Restaurants are one of the most difficult businesses to keep afloat. 60% of all restaurants will fail within the first year, and 80% within 5 years!

Your new restaurant social media graphics service is a Godsend to restaurants, and now you’ll have, at your fingertips, the exact step-by-step plan to deliver this amazing service to them. If anything, restaurant owners should be scared that you’ll go and help their competitors and not them...
Will this work outside of the USA?
Yes. It doesn’t matter where you live, if there are restaurants, they will need customers. It’s that simple. All you have to do is set up a PayPal account, or a business bank account, and you’re ready to start accepting recurring monthly payments from clients.
What if my client wants their logo on the images, or want custom images, such as their daily specials?
I’ll show you, through a free tool ( how you can quickly and easily customize any of your done-for-you social media graphics…

In fact, I’ll even show you how to create new ones without needing ANY tech skills whatsoever.

This tool makes it super easy, even for a complete technical novice. You certainly don’t need to have any background or experience in graphic design. 

If you want to outsource it on Fiverr for someone else to do, I’ll even show you who you should use.
Can I use these graphics for all my clients? If I have 100 restaurant clients, can I use them for ALL of them?
Yes you can. A pizza restaurant is a pizza restaurant, correct? Every pizza restaurant will have a pepperoni pizza, right? And a Mexican restaurant is a Mexican restaurant... every Mexican restaurant will serve Tacos... OK, you get my point.

Just imagine how much time this will save you...
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